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When and How Frequently Should You Have Your Air Ducts Cleaned?

Given how air ducts make an appearance in many different areas within your home, it makes perfect sense to have them cleaned on occasion. Air duct cleaning prevents dust and debris from building up inside the system, helping improve indoor air quality. But how often should you have your ductwork cleaned, and how do you know that it’s time? Broom Heating & Air Conditioning, the cooling and heating repair expert, answers these questions and more here.Air Ducts CleanedFrequent Cleaning Isn’t Required

According to the National Air Duct Cleaners Association, homeowners should have their air ducts cleaned every three to five years, but the timing really depends on the region in which you live, how often you use your HVAC system and whether you have family members that have respiratory problems. In the case of the latter, you might want to invest in air duct cleaning more often to prevent allergic reactions. Improved indoor air quality, after all, is crucial in every home.

When to Have Your Air Ducts Cleaned

Is it time to have your ductwork cleaned? You might want to conduct a visual inspection of your air ducts to be absolutely sure, or have an HVAC repair professional like Broom Heating & Air Conditioning do it for you. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommends cleaning the ducts when:

  • You suspect that mold has developed inside the air ducts. Mold is recognizable by its musty odor, so if you’ve been noticing this smell inside your home for some time, it’s probably time to check and see if you need to have your ducts cleaned.
  • You see a visible “poof” of dust released from the supply registers. If you see a cloud of dust when air is expelled from the ducts, or If there’s black debris around the air vent register, these are usually signs that your air ducts need cleaning. You can also look inside the system when changing the air filter–extensive dust buildup in the area is another indication they need cleaned.
  • There are unwanted guests inside the ducts. Do you hear buzzing or scratching sounds coming from inside your ductwork? Or maybe you’ve already seen pests entering or exiting the ducts? Either way, these signs should prompt an air duct cleaning by your local pro.

Aside from expert air conditioning services, Broom Heating & Air Conditioning can also handle all your indoor air quality needs. With our high-quality solutions and experienced crew, we’ll make sure your living space remains safe and healthy all year ’round. We proudly serve Blythewood, Lexington, and Elgin, SC, plus the surrounding areas. Call us today at (803) 754-5466 or fill out this contact form to schedule your consultation.

Planned Maintenance Agreement

Planned MaintenancePlanned maintenance is key to making sure your heating and cooling system is in top shape at all times. A lot of property owners see it as merely added expense but it’s not! Think of a planned maintenance agreement as an investment into your investment. Your HVAC system plays a role in keeping your home or business comfortable and energy-efficient, after all, so it definitely pays to have one in place.

Broom Heating & Air Conditioning is a NATE-certified Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer. We are committed to quality so you can expect only the best HVAC maintenance service in SC when you work with us.

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