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What Are the Pros & Cons of Different Ductwork Materials?

Efficient ductwork is essential to the optimal performance of your air conditioning system. The purpose of this component is to direct air from your HVAC equipment and circulate it to your living spaces. When your ducts are damaged or leaking, you’ll notice that the rooms in your home are at different temperatures. 


Continue reading to learn the pros and cons of various ductwork materials. 

Fiberboard. Fiberglass strands secured by resin make up fiberboard ducts. For insulation, installers add foil to the exterior of the ducts. Because of the textured inner surface of fiberboard ducts, dust and debris can easily get caught on them. 

Sheet metal. Rigid sheet metal is the most popular type of ductwork material. It’s made of galvanized steel and aluminum and features a thick, solid wall for increased durability. While its interior can catch dust and other debris, it’s easy to clean due to its smooth surface. Moreover, you can keep indoor air quality high by regularly having your ducts cleaned and maintained. For your HVAC repair and maintenance needs, you can count on Broom Heating & Air Conditioning.

Fiberglass. This ductwork option has a similar construction to sheet metal ducts, but with an added fiberglass lining to reduce heat loss. Fiberglass ducts don’t need as much cleaning because they have a sealed interior lining. Another benefit of this material is that it can reduce the noise your HVAC system produces, which is one reason it’s preferred in commercial applications. 

Flexible ducts. Unlike other types of ducts, flexible ducts aren’t rigid because they’re made with a steel spring coil coated in thick plastic. Due to their flexibility, they’re a great option for tight spaces and are also easy to install. To avoid snags, punctures and damage that can affect HVAC performance, make sure to have your ducts installed by reliable professionals. 

For quality commercial and residential HVAC services, turn to Broom Heating & Air Conditioning. We’re always here to assist with your heating repair and installation needs. Give us a call at (803) 754-5466 or fill out our contact form to schedule a service.

Planned Maintenance Agreement

Planned MaintenancePlanned maintenance is key to making sure your heating and cooling system is in top shape at all times. A lot of property owners see it as merely added expense but it’s not! Think of a planned maintenance agreement as an investment into your investment. Your HVAC system plays a role in keeping your home or business comfortable and energy-efficient, after all, so it definitely pays to have one in place.

Broom Heating & Air Conditioning is a NATE-certified Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer. We are committed to quality so you can expect only the best HVAC maintenance service in SC when you work with us.

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